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What's included

  • A monthly 90-minute CPD webinar session hosted by our expert
  • Recording of the session provided exclusively for CPD members
  • Access to specially designed resources only available for CPD members
  • Ask questions of our experts and each other to continue the discussion from the monthly webinar

How it works 


Every month our expert Jo will host and facilitate a live 90-minute webinar for CPD members only. Each session has a specific topic, key skills and practical elements.

Afterwards there is a debrief article covering the session and directing you to specific exclusive resources which are designed especially for the topic.

The full recording will be available and also a discussion video exploring the topics and resources in more depth.     

About our CPD Series

Our Webinar and Virtual Classroom Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Series provides a space for you to learn new skills, refine others and practice in a welcoming, safe environment.


Our emphasis is on practice, discussion and a deep dive into specific content areas. We provide exclusive resources after each session to help cement the learning. 


Whether you're completely new to the virtual instructor led training environment, or have more experience, our CPD Series is to help your development and confidence.

Virtual clssroom continuous professional development CPD

If this is your first step into virtual facilitation you need not worry. Upon signing up you will have access to our resources that will explain all the basics.

If you have experience of virtual delivery already then you can focus on skills development and keep in the loop with new ideas. 

Get the opportunity to practice with feedback from our expert and other members. Get suggestions and tips for new or current session ideas.

The CPD Series is ongoing and can be joined at any part of the year.     


Frequently asked questions

Q) What kind of topics will be covered in the sessions?

A) We have many different topics in mind but we will generally focus on: improving delivery skills; utilising tools; engagement; understanding the technology; design of the session and so much more! 

Q) What if I can't attend a live session?

A) There will be a recording of the live session and you will still be able to access the resources.

Q) Will there be other people in the live session?

A) The session is open to all CPD members. We encourage conversation in the chat window and to get people speaking on microphones, we all learn better together.

Q) Do I need to be active in the session, on webcam and microphone?

A) Absolutely not! We do feel you get the most out of the session if you are actively participating in activities and the chat window. You can get as involved or not on the microphone as you wish. Participants use of webcams is entirely optional.

Q) What if I join mid-year and don't know what is going on?

A) Our sessions are all standalone and assume no prior knowledge.

Q) It's a webinar and virtual classroom series, I only focus on one of these. Will I still get value?

A) The crossover between webinar and virtual classroom is smaller than you may think and coming closer. The skills from each definitely overlap, and in our sessions we provide for both scenarios.

Q) How do I sign-up?

A) Our form will ask you some basic information to be completed. Once submitted we will email you with the details to setup the Direct Debit Mandate and make payment.


Q) What if I don't want to setup a Direct Debit Mandate?

A) We can invoice you directly instead, simply tick that on the form. You will get access to the live sessions and the private Community on receipt of your payment.

Q) How do I access the sessions?

A) Once you sign-up we will email you all the information to create your account and access the live sessions. You will get emails closer to the live session with all the details to join in. We will also provide you access to the recording after the session.

Simply put your name and email address in the form below, with a personalised message if you wish, click 'send' and get the conversation started

Thanks! Message sent.

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