"The best way to learn is through talking, collaboration and doing!"
Jo Cook

About our CPD

Our virtual classroom and webinar continuous professional development (CPD) Series provides a space for you to learn new skills, refine others and practice in a welcoming, safe environment where collaboration and sharing are key.


Our emphasis is on practice, discussion and a deep dive into specific content areas. It doesn't matter if you are completely new to the virtual instructor led training environment or experienced, we all learn together. 

You can join our CPD Series at any point in the year and start your journey!


We believe we learn best through discussion and collaboration and this is the aim for each of our CPD sessions: learn by talking, sharing experiences and experimenting together.


Every month a 90 minute webinar is hosted and recorded by Jo, exclusively for CPD members. 

Each session has a specific topic, key skills to debate and practical elements. The session is led by attendee questions and discussion.

One exclusive 90 minute live session per month with recording

Is it right for you?

Continue to pick up skills, develop your experience, have fun and discuss the details.

In the sessions every month there is the opportunity to practice delivering live content with willing participants to give you feedback. 

The CPD sessions are hosted and structured by Jo but led by the attendees. If people really want to know how something works or have lots of questions this is the place to find out and learn!

Free virtual classroom community and forums

In addition to our free, open community for anyone to learn about virtual classrooms, our CPD members gain access to a private discussion group. Members can utilise the exclusive virtual classroom and webinar resources from Lightbulb Moment as well as ask questions of our experts and each other. 

Collaborating in the discussion group with people from other organisations allows everyone to learn from mistakes made, support each other's plans and share those tips and secrets of success. All of this with a diverse but like-minded group where we all grow as a result.

What's included

  • A monthly 90 minute CPD webinar session hosted by our expert, with discussion and practice at it's heart
  • Recording of the session provided exclusively for CPD members
  • Access to resources only available for CPD members 
  • Ask questions of our experts and each other to continue the discussion from the monthly webinar
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Monthly direct debit

Get 12 months of CPD at the price of £49.99 per month.

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Annual payment

Get 12 months of CPD for the price of 10 by paying all in one go.

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Sign up 3 or more people

Multiple team members to join together. Additional options for private CPD sessions available.

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Private options

Want to get a taste of how the CPD sessions will work before you buy? Our launch event was held for this very reason, you can see get access to the recording with the link below.

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