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Additional modules

Our additional module options can be selected as standalone learning interventions or combined with any of our other learning offerings and are all delivered live online. 


Each module is for up to ten attendees and each session is two-hours in length.  

Utilising your platform effectively

Troubleshooting the technology

Effective use of breakout rooms

Producer training

Utilising your platform effectively

Confidence in using the tools and technology of the platform are key in succeeding with live online sessions   

This single session takes facilitators who are struggling with the platform and help them get to grips with the technology for smooth and professional delivery

Learning activities include: Understanding and how to teach the basic tools to attendees; nuances of the communication tools; managing participants; different viewing and screen setup options; common technical issues and how to fix them; the nuances and specifics of your platform

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Trouble shooting the technology

Live online sessions can quickly run into technical issues - if not dealt with quickly these can have a huge negative impact on the session.

This single sessions provides the skills required for facilitators to deal with common technical issues, keeping sessions professional and running to time. 


Learning activities include:

categorising different types of issues; scenarios and how to resolve them; planning ahead to avoid issues; managing yourself and the attendees professionally; backup options when something can't be fixed; documents and resources to help quickly resolve issues.

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Effective use of Breakout rooms

Breakout rooms can enhance the learning experience of your attendees and help achieve your training performance outcomes. However when they aren’t designed and facilitated well, they can waste valuable delivery time.

These two sessions are for your facilitators to experience different types of breakout room activities,  and be able to design, create and deliver their own with confidence.

Learning activities include: steps to ensure your breakout room is prepared correctly; design concepts; documentation for design and delivery; different activities and uses of breakout rooms; achieving your breakout room learning objective.

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Producer and co-facilitator 

A producer or co-facilitator can help your facilitator deliver at their best and dramatically improve the quality and attendee feedback of a session.

This single session provides your  the skills to effectively produce sessions and assist the facilitator in their delivery.   

Learning activities include: different producer roles and the impact on the session; communication within the session; how to provide technical support; documentation to help assist with technical issues; common scenarios and how to resolve them.

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