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About our community

The Lightbulb Moment community is completely free and provides you a structured place to communicate with like-minded individuals.
You can access virtual classroom resources, discussions and your questions answered.
Sign up for free and see what you could learn.  
live online learning webinar and virtual
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Our podcast

live online learning webinar and virtual

The Lightbulb Moment virtual classroom podcast is hosted by Mike and he discusses all things virtual classrooms with expert Jo.

Featuring foundation episodes that cover the basics, episodes that cover confidence, technology, platforms, design and also guest conversations for different views and opinions.

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Our blog

Our blog is a great source of content for all things learning and development plus virtual classrooms, webinars and so much more.
A great selection of blogs from Jo, some from Mike and a select few guest bloggers.
live online learning webinar and virtual
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Our free resources

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When we create great content we try to make it available to as many people as possible.

The resources page is free to access and is filled with hours of recorded webinars, videos, podcasts and much more.

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