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Upcoming sessions

October – embedding live online sessions in your organisation

How to ensure your live online programs start and embed well in the organisation

October 24th

2:00 pm UK time

  • Selecting the right benefits of live online sessions

  • Selecting the right live online approach, between webinars and virtual classrooms 

  • Developing a plan to win hearts and minds

November – comparing the technology platforms

A hands-on look at different platforms to experience the benefits and differences of each

November 21st

2:00 pm UK time

  • Cool workarounds to achieve the best result no matter which platform you use

  • How to adjust your design between the different platforms

  • How to select the right platform for the needs of your client/organisation

December – professional tips and tricks

Going from good to great in your sessions is about the detail of delivery

December 12th

2:00 pm UK time

  • Smoothly transitioning between layouts/tabs and speakers in different platforms

  • How to write your notes so that you move from one slide and activity to the next

  • Detailed planning in a facilitator guide for yourself and others

January 2020 – Different types of activities

Group sizes, content level and topic all make a difference to what you design and deliver

January 16th

2:00 pm UK time

  • Design and facilitation considerations when the groups get larger

  • Adapting or designing activities for large audiences

  • How to deliver technical topics with engagement in mind

February 2020 – heavy and complex topics

Content heavy and complex topics, how to design and deliver well in the blend

February 20th

2:00 pm UK time

  • Exploring the challenges of content heavy courses and complex topics

  • Design methods and activities to use across courses and sessions

  • Facilitation techniques to get the best out of your content

Previous sessions

All sessions 90 minutes, recorded and available in the community 

March - Starting out right with your attendees

Get your attendees prepared and in the mindset for a great live online experience

March 28th

2:00 pm UK time

  • Plan to prepare your attendees before the session even starts

  • Interact with attendees when they log on for maximum engagement

  • Start your session with style to hold people’s attention

All sessions 90 minutes, recorded and available in the community 

April - Dealing with different group sizes and session timings

Adapt and understand how different group sizes and session length can impact your session

April 25th

2:00 pm UK time

  • How many attendees makes a real difference

  • Understanding how to adapt on the fly

  • Design considerations

All sessions 90 minutes, recorded and available in the community 

May - Getting over your technology barrier

Improve your digital skills whilst having fun with the tools

May 23rd

2:00 pm UK time

  • Identify the skills you have and gain confidence in them

  • Get creative with the technology within your comfort zone

  • Plan how you will turn the technology from a barrier to an enabler

All sessions 90 minutes, recorded and available in the community 

June - Upskilling your delivery to "see" your online attendees

Get past the lack of physical body language and adapt to digital body language

June 20th

2:00 pm UK time

  • See the problem differently, focus on deconstructing face to face training tactics

  • Build the use of online tools to create opportunities to virtually “see” attendees

  • Develop how you blend your learning intervention to concentrate on live activities

All sessions 90 minutes, recorded and available in the community 

July – Using the right tool for your live online activity

Great virtual classroom design brings together learning outcomes and platform technology

July 18th

2:00 pm UK time

  • Design the social element for your learning outcome

  • Match the tool with the learning point of your attendees

  • Utilise different tools together for engaging activities

All sessions 90 minutes, recorded and available in the community 

August – Virtual engagement to ensure learning outcomes

Attendees improving their performance is crucial, and to do that we need engagement

August 22nd

2:00 pm UK time

  • Apply engagement theory to the design of your session

  • Break down the learning outcomes to apply to activity design

  • Use engaging facilitation skills in your live session

All sessions 90 minutes, recorded and available in the community 

September – Breakout rooms

Breakouts are great for small group activities – we explore what, when and how

September 19th

2:00 pm UK time

  • How to setup breakouts in Adobe Connect, Webex Training Centre and Zoom

  • Different activities you can run in breakouts

  • Alternatives to the breakout room

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