Upcoming sessions

October – embedding live online sessions in your organisation

October 24th

2:00 pm UK time

  • Selecting the right benefits of live online sessions

  • Selecting the right live online approach, between webinars and virtual classrooms 

  • Developing a plan to win hearts and minds

How to ensure your live online programs start and embed well in the organisation

November – comparing the technology platforms

November 21st

2:00 pm UK time

  • Cool workarounds to achieve the best result no matter which platform you use

  • How to adjust your design between the different platforms

  • How to select the right platform for the needs of your client/organisation

A hands-on look at different platforms to experience the benefits and differences of each

December – professional tips and tricks

December 12th

2:00 pm UK time

  • Smoothly transitioning between layouts/tabs and speakers in different platforms

  • How to write your notes so that you move from one slide and activity to the next

  • Detailed planning in a facilitator guide for yourself and others

Going from good to great in your sessions is about the detail of delivery

January 2020 – Different types of activities

January 16th

2:00 pm UK time

  • Design and facilitation considerations when the groups get larger

  • Adapting or designing activities for large audiences

  • How to deliver technical topics with engagement in mind

Group sizes, content level and topic all make a difference to what you design and deliver

February 2020 – heavy and complex topics

February 20th

2:00 pm UK time

  • Exploring the challenges of content heavy courses and complex topics

  • Design methods and activities to use across courses and sessions

  • Facilitation techniques to get the best out of your content

Content heavy and complex topics, how to design and deliver well in the blend

Previous sessions

March - Starting out right with your attendees

March 28th

2:00 pm UK time

  • Plan to prepare your attendees before the session even starts

  • Interact with attendees when they log on for maximum engagement

  • Start your session with style to hold people’s attention

Get your attendees prepared and in the mindset for a great live online experience

All sessions 90 minutes, recorded and available in the community 

April - Dealing with different group sizes and session timings

April 25th

2:00 pm UK time

  • How many attendees makes a real difference

  • Understanding how to adapt on the fly

  • Design considerations

Adapt and understand how different group sizes and session length can impact your session

All sessions 90 minutes, recorded and available in the community 

May - Getting over your technology barrier

May 23rd

2:00 pm UK time

  • Identify the skills you have and gain confidence in them

  • Get creative with the technology within your comfort zone

  • Plan how you will turn the technology from a barrier to an enabler

Improve your digital skills whilst having fun with the tools

All sessions 90 minutes, recorded and available in the community 

June - Upskilling your delivery to "see" your online attendees

June 20th

2:00 pm UK time

  • See the problem differently, focus on deconstructing face to face training tactics

  • Build the use of online tools to create opportunities to virtually “see” attendees

  • Develop how you blend your learning intervention to concentrate on live activities

Get past the lack of physical body language and adapt to digital body language

All sessions 90 minutes, recorded and available in the community 

July – Using the right tool for your live online activity

July 18th

2:00 pm UK time

  • Design the social element for your learning outcome

  • Match the tool with the learning point of your attendees

  • Utilise different tools together for engaging activities

Great virtual classroom design brings together learning outcomes and platform technology

All sessions 90 minutes, recorded and available in the community 

August – Virtual engagement to ensure learning outcomes

August 22nd

2:00 pm UK time

  • Apply engagement theory to the design of your session

  • Break down the learning outcomes to apply to activity design

  • Use engaging facilitation skills in your live session

Attendees improving their performance is crucial, and to do that we need engagement

All sessions 90 minutes, recorded and available in the community 

September – Breakout rooms

September 19th

2:00 pm UK time

  • How to setup breakouts in Adobe Connect, Webex Training Centre and Zoom

  • Different activities you can run in breakouts

  • Alternatives to the breakout room

Breakouts are great for small group activities – we explore what, when and how

All sessions 90 minutes, recorded and available in the community 

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