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 What is it and how does it work? 

 Virtual instructor led training 

 Live online learning 

 Virtual classrooms 

What is a virtual classroom?

The virtual classroom is a live online training environment accessed via the internet. Attendees can connect wherever they are in the world to other people and a live facilitator.

In a face to face classroom the trainer can ask questions, use a whiteboard and see if people are following. A virtual classroom has all of these elements too plus the bonus of connecting people around the world with no travel. 

How does live online learning work?

With a Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) session, attendees use their own computer to join and interact with other people, including listening to the facilitator and, with the use of microphones or telephony, speaking too. 

Software platforms have a variety of tools to provide an engaging live online experience, ensuring all attendees are involved in learning and not checking emails!

Attendees can easily use icons or emoticons to show they agree or a disagree with something, the chat panel to type questions and interact with other people and the whiteboard for creative collaboration. 

There are a whole host of other ways of using the virtual classroom platform to keep a live online session fresh and interesting for attendees and facilitators. You can put people into virtual breakout rooms for discussion, share screens and webcams are optional, useful fun too.

Can virtual classrooms ever be as good?

Trainers and attendees worry about the differences with a live online session - the lack of body language and the technical barriers. 

What a trainer designs and delivers in a face to face classroom can be translated with some work to a virtual classroom, making your sessions as good online as they are face to face. 

Trainers can provide great presentations, challenge attendees for answers and feedback, as well as host discussions.

Attendees are able to ask questions, and learn through participation and engagement in a well designed live online session.

How virtual classroom delivery can help you

Cost effective

Easy access

Train more people

By reducing travel issues you can make your learning solutions easier for your staff to access.

All your attendees need is an internet-enabled computer and a headset to listen with. A simple click of a link from an email is all they need to get into the session.

Travel costs, environmental impact and work/life balance for your L&D staff are concerns many organisations are trying to tackle.

Enabling training staff to deliver from their desk can cut down on travel time, allowing for greater productivity.

Many organisations only provide training annually or to a certain demographic of people, often due to time and cost of travel.


By reducing the costs, making it easier for a wider range of staff to access the training, you can up skill larger sections of your organisations work force not just a certain few. 

Putting it all in place

Knowing where to start in implementing a virtual classroom training strategy and supporting your training staff through change can seem daunting. 

We specialise in developing your training teams to use the great skills they already have and adapt them for the virtual environment.

We provide your staff with the knowledge and practical experience they need to continue to deliver, write and design fantastic learning interventions with
your training message, in your style and your brand.  

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