Tailored Learning

Our tailored learning options come in the form of what we call modules 


Modules can be selected as standalone learning interventions or combined with any of our other learning offerings 


Each module is for up to ten attendees and each session is two hours in length  

Practice and Feedback

Enhanced Facilitation

Breakout Rooms

Producer Training

Practice and feedback

This one session module is highly practical and actionable. Its a great way to choose exactly what you need to work on, with the insight, feedback and advice from our experts. 

Designed to provide dedicated time for your staff to practice delivery in a safe and supporting environment

Deliver your own content with structured advice not just from us but each other so your entire team can learn together, build confidence and deliver with a greater level of polish


Enhanced facilitation

Two sessions where your facilitators can build on the skills they already have to take their delivery to the next level

Providing facilitators with new skills and concepts for improving the quality of their delivery and learning outcomes for attendees

Focusing on: delivering activities by focusing on the learning outcome; using and adapting to digital body language; being dynamic with your delivery; utilizing your voice; ensuring attendee engagement and more


Breakout rooms

Two sessions that will explain why breakout rooms can be fantastic learning tools and how to use them live online


Immerse your team in virtual classroom breakout rooms, see them from an attendee and facilitator perspective as they are broken down and built back up


Focusing on: modern learning use; technology; learning theory; building activities; layering activities; designing; writing them into a lesson plan; practical experience of using them and more


Producer training

Two sessions to provide techniques to your producers so that they can provide support to facilitators and ensure a professional live online session

Your team will discover what the myriad of different jobs a producer does, all whilst getting involved practically to put the knowledge into practice

Focusing on: roles and responsibilities; technology; setup; identifying issues; fixing issues; technical support; managing communication and more


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