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 Getting started 

Our taster options provide some easy opportunities to discover, experience and see the potential of live online learning in a cost-effective way 


Virtual session experience

Virtual classroom taster

Virtual design taster


Speak with our virtual classroom, webinar and live online learning expert for all the advice you might need.

Get help extremely quickly as we provide consultancy over Teams, Skype, Adobe Connect, Zoom or your own platform.

Examples of what we can support you with: platform considerations; IT requirements; implementation; planning sessions and courses; training teams; updating the mindset in your organisation; time frames; goals; and much, much more!

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Virtual session experience

A great opportunity for organisations new to live online learning or struggling to see the full potential. We can run this session for a small group or as part of a larger webinar.

A 90-minute session that provides a platform for stakeholders, managers and staff across your organisation to see how a live online session could work for you.

Start the conversation about the future of live online learning within your organisation armed with the knowledge of how they work and could help you.

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Virtual Classroom taster 

Get your training team to fully immerse themselves in a live online learning virtual classroom experience.

Up to ten attendees take part in a two-hour long session that gets them hands on with the tools and embracing activities. 


This session focuses on: their experience as they communicate; use tools; interact in engaging activities and discuss the opportunities for live online learning.  

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Virtual Design taster

This session explores how your training team can update their design skills for live online learning session.

Up to ten attendees taking part in a two hour-long session.


Focusing on: how session size and length affects design; deconstructing engagement for live online learning; an example of layering activities into an engagement piece; utilising a facilitator guide for developing and writing a session.

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