Virtual classroom taster options 

 plant the seeds on a budget 

This webinar is a great opportunity for people across your organisation to see how good a live online session can be: experience engagement that will surprise, and get everyone involved. 

Perfect as a solo option if your organisation wants to see if live online learning can work for you, or an introductory starting point to then combine with our packages.   

First steps webinar

60 minutes - up to 100 attendees

Is it right for you?

A cost-effective way for your organisation to gain insight into a live online learning session, see what you can and can't do and create internal discussion.

From decision makers to end users, with more people experiencing this session you can understand the potential benefits or hurdles when implementing live online into your organisation.

Two sessions where your staff get to become more familiar with the virtual classroom environment and how it can potentially be used in your organisation.

Focusing on the differences and similarities to face to face training allows your team to see the opportunities for live online delivery.

See how the platform works from the driving seat of the facilitator to remove some of the perceived challenges and excite people for the future.

Taster package

Two, two-hour sessions - up to
10 attendees

Is it right for you?

If you are thinking of using the virtual classroom you might have a lot of questions. Will my team be able to use the technology? Will they be happy teaching people they can't see? Can the technology really provide a great environment? 

These two sessions have an honest approach to the challenges of live online sessions, as well as offering great experiences for the opportunities. Once you have seen the virtual classroom done as well as it should be, then you can make an informed decision. 

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