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Jo has been hosting webinars for five years and is often referred to as the webinar Queen! 

Jo not only delivers webinars for Lightbulb Moment but has also ran many webinars for other companies. She used to run monthly webinars for Training Journal magazine and is a guest host on TLDCast daily discussion webcast.

Jo has expert knowledge when it comes to webinars and what a great tool they can be, either for learning, marketing, sales, information dissemination and more.

Webinar services provided

  • Hosting - use our webinar infrastructure and deliver a great webinar in professional software for up to 100 attendees. Ideal if you are new to webinars and not sure what to invest in
  • Host training - one to one or groups up to ten people get expert training on how to deliver an energetic and engaging webinar
  • Design training - one to one or groups up to ten people get training on how to design a great webinar experience, focusing on the goals of the business and user engagement

Online meeting training

Two sessions ​that are each two hours in length for up to ten attendees
Update the skills of your team with new ideas and concepts for using meeting software more efficiently and with greater collaboration
Focusing on: benefits of live online meetings; scheduling and setup; technology behind running the meeting; professional screen sharing; using webcams; increasing the impact; managing speakers; achieving collaboration and more!  

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